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Your 2018 New Year's Fitness Resolution:

"Don't JUST  Exercise your Body,
Exercise your Brain!"

The most effective total body workout includes YOUR BRAIN!

  • Professional Trainers will tell you any effective fitness regimen requires a personal commitment of frequency and intensity to build resilience, stamina and muscle strength
  • If you have left out your Brain in previous training regimes, then you risk having your body outlive your Brain!
  • Regular and intense cognitive fitness exercise has been proven to increase the Brain's ability to FOCUS, LEARN, REASON, and successfully improve working memory performance, among all ages!
  • ADD BRAIN FITNESS this year in the comfort of your own Home or Office - No Bulky Fitness Equipment; No Misplaced Membership Cards; No Batteries Required
  • FIT BRAINS learn Better; FIT BRAINS are Faster; FIT BRAINS are Stronger!
  • "When it comes to staying young, a Mind-lift beats a Face-lift, any day!" (Marty Bucella)
The Listening Program® supports the core brain functions and is effective in relieving stress, improving focus and enhancing peak performance amongst adults. The Listening Program® (TLP) is a music listening method, personalized just for you to improve your brain health, at any age or level of ability. The Listening Program is 30 minutes of daily Listening.

Brain Health Articles & Research Findings

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