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“Don’t JUST  Exercise your Body, Exercise your Brain!”

The most effective total body workout includes YOUR BRAIN!

  • Professional Trainers will tell you any effective fitness regimen requires a personal commitment of frequency and intensity to build resilience, stamina and muscle strength
  • If you have left out your Brain in previous training regimes, then you risk having your body outlive your Brain!
  • Regular and intense cognitive fitness exercise has been proven to increase the Brain’s ability to FOCUS, LEARN, REASON, and successfully improve working memory performance, among all ages!
  • ADD BRAIN FITNESS this year in the comfort of your own Home or Office – No Bulky Fitness Equipment; No Misplaced Membership Cards; No Batteries Required
  • FIT BRAINS learn Better; FIT BRAINS are Faster; FIT BRAINS are Stronger!
  • “When it comes to staying young, a Mind-lift beats a Face-lift, any day!” (Marty Bucella)

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Brain Health Articles & Research Findings

  • Scientific American Mind cover January February 2017» The Stamp Of Poverty January 19, 2017

    Growing up in a poor family can leave a mark on the developing brain. Understanding how and why has important implications for educators and society.

  • Mavin and the Octopus» The Mind Of An Octopus January 19, 2017

    Eight smart limbs plus a big brain add up to a weird and wondrous kind of intelligence.

  • BC Parent 10-2016» Training Your Child’s Brain October 12, 2016

    Parent Coaching Tips that factor into reading successes and the development & performance of lifelong learners.