About 2-transWest Coast Centre for Learning offers a platform of award winning cognitive fitness programs backed by continuing innovations from the scientific research community.

Our suite of memory support programs and speech verification technology software permits us to serve and support a diverse community of intergenerational learners with challenges such as:

  • Attention Deficits, Memory and Retention, Sequencing and Processing Skills
  • English Language Learning & Development Skills
  • Workplace Traumas and Brain Injuries
  • Confusion and Distraction
  • Early Memory Loss

The program selection process is guided by consultation with our clients based on their unique learning styles and desired outcomes. The learning covenant we establish with our clients provides the optimum opportunity for success and personal capacity development, within a positive motivational rewards framework.

We offer programming to clients in the following areas:
Children & Youth
Athletes & Business Professionals
Older Adult Brain Health & Fitness

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We would be pleased to provide you FREE access to view a demonstration of our award winning Online Programs. Please go to our Contact page to arrange this with us, as Demos are customized appropriate to the age of the program participant.