Three Steps to Fast ELL Results


The Build English Fast solution consists of three steps:

Step One: Prepare the brain to hear English

Sounds of the world’s languages differ greatly for example English has 44 phonemes where Mandarin has over 200. By six months of age, a child’s brain is wiring sounds of language other than English. Fast ForWord software uniquely targets the phonemes of English to develop the fundamental skills required for all literacy. With brains “wired” for English, listening comprehension and all other language development happens faster and easier.

Step Two: Practice English skills, intensively.

Using game like technology design by neuroscientists, students complete thousands of trials practising grammar, academic vocabulary and listening comprehension skills needed for the English language development improvement-more practice than is achieved by other interventions or school work. These exercises infinitely adapt to each student to keep them motivated, but challenged just enough.

Step Three: Read English aloud, with support.

Students need to apply their newly learned language fundamentals as a read text aloud. Your child receives non-judge mental support from the only software that uses speech recognition technology to listen to their English pronunciation and decoding, offering support just when they need it. It includes over 300 non-fiction and fictional reading selections across genres with embedded vocabulary support.