testimonials-trans“We are all celebrating here today! I was amazed to see Malachi’s ability to focus when he did his final RPI assessment and could see quite obviously how much the FFW program has helped him. Thank-you so much for facilitating this for him. It has been a big confidence booster and probably life-changing for him academically. Thanks so much!” ~ Charity, parent

Fast ForWord is helping students learn to read – but it is so much more than that. Students’ lives are changed forever as they now can participate in their education and in their lives in ways they couldn’t before. ~ Nancy, teacher and High School parent

“Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! I cannot believe it! I haven’t read with my child since we started the Fast ForWord in Sept. Last night she wanted to sit with me and read! I said, ok, thinking I would be doing all the reading. Well, she picked out a Mr. Putter and Tabby book (about Grade 2 level reader) and proceeded to tell me SHE would be reading it! I was shocked. She read about half the book with minimal minimal help!!! Say WHAT?” ~ Michelle, mother of a Kindergarten student

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From an adult’s perspective, while I was engaged with the Cogmed training program I was also at college taking courses. The Cogmed training allowed me to retain the information much easier than before. My mind was able to sit, listen and participate in activities without tiring out, and forgetting what I learned that and each day.
During the training, I loved to hear the voice telling me when I was doing well with the exercises. The coaching support was very gentle, and effective to encourage me during some pretty busy times.
Post training, I’ve found myself calmer, can remember things and retain the learning. I would highly recommend this training for any adult who gets overwhelmed, or just forgets things in general.
I’d like to personally thank Kristi for her assistance in getting me on the Cogmed training. It has truly changed my life in a very positive way. ~ Jacqueline B, adult college student