What Is Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is an award-winning online program based on over 30 years of research. Based on neuroscience, this program builds the brain’s learning capacity and is supported by West Coast Centre for Learning professional coaches. Fast ForWord consists of a series of computer-delivered brain fitness exercises designed to produce dramatic language and reading improvements in a variety of student populations by improving memory, attention and processing skills.

Fast ForWord automates and strengthens the brain the same way a fit athlete builds muscle memory, through repetition. We know that our brain is static and can change if we train with intensity and frequency. Each day the student answers hundreds of increasingly more difficult exercises in quick succession, using neuroscience principles.

Individualized, Differentiated
Each learner using the Fast ForWord program is placed at the right starting level based on our recommendation, then follows a differentiated learning path that adapts with every click of the mouse. This ensures that each participant gets the individualized instruction they need. Additionally, each student is assigned a coach who tracks and monitors a student’s progress and suggests interventions at jus the right time.

The Fast ForWord program is easy access online or on the iPad. It can be used across settings including home, the classroom, before and after school programs, and during summer. Learners can use the program anytime and anywhere! All you need is an internet connection, computer or iPad, noise cancelling headphones and a place that is Quiet, adequately lit and free of distractions.

Fast ForWord on the iPad®

David’s using an iPad to improve his memory, attention, processing and reading skills. How? Watch to see the Fast ForWord exercises in action.

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