Older Adult Brain Health & Fitness


  • impaired memory, irritability, dementia, and depression may in fact be symptoms of untreated hearing loss?
  • the Neurons in your Brain Can live more than 100 years, and the ones you have at birth, are all you will ever have?
  • after the age of 26, working memory deteriorates by about 1-2% per year?

Exciting advances in neuroplasticity brain research shows the brain has the ability in many cases to re-wire itself around some types of damage, creating new pathways for information to be stored and retrieved. Evidence-based brain fitness interventions specifically designed by researchers and scientists to improve working memory in older adults, report clinical successes in reducing foggy thinking, as well as improving the day-to-day independent functioning of many older adults challenged by the onset of early memory loss. Check out the Claims and Evidence reported here!

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