How Reading Assistant Helps

  • Builds better readers: students improve reading level 50% beyond expected gains.
  • Saves you time: it automatically assesses and tracks words correct per minute (WCPM) and reading comprehension for teachers!
  • Provides an unbiased listener to every student: even hard-to-engage students will practice reading aloud, always without judgement.

Individualized and Differentiated

Reading Assistant is the only online reading software that “listens” to students as they read out loud, intervenes when the student needs help, and automatically scores students’ oral reading.The Reading Assistant program features a range of reading levels to allow for differentiated instruction.


Online access makes the program easy to implement for home use. Students can see their own progress and monitor their own improvement on reading selections. Your child’s coach can use data to determine students’ areas of need regarding comprehension, fluency, etc.

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