Online Summer Brain Booster Camp

brain with laptop-385Summer is the perfect time for students to start one of our online brain training camps. On average, students who train over the summer can improve 1-2 grade levels in their reading. Our Online Summer Brain Booster Camp is designed to help improve how students process, sequence, attend to and retain information. Maintaining academic momentum over the summer prevents this backward learning slide. Keeps student brains in active learning mode and ready to learn for the first day of school.

Available Programs:

Training Protocols Available:

Just as an athlete trains daily to increase and maintain performance, our brains require frequency and intensity in training to also improve.

Training protocols include three and five day options with a training duration of 30-50 minutes per day.

A flexible self-paced program with Registration opening April 1. BONUS “Open Training Portal” reserved for Online Campers only through July and August!

Cost: $399 a month in the summer for unlimited use.