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Regent Christian Academy is the Community Sponsor and Host of the 2017 Brain Booster Summer Camp.


Brain Booster Day Camps: Our camps include a broad range of academic enrichment activities aimed at combating the two-month learning gap. Each day will bring a balanced blend of online learning, recreational and social experiences.

West Coast Centre for Learning Camp is structured with three very specific approaches:

Academic – Our summer school curriculum includes Scientific Learning product – Fast ForWord with interventions targeting remediation that focuses on strengthening the areas of the brain your child needs most. Fast ForWord® software develops brain processing efficiency through intensive, adaptive exercises which strengthen the cognitive skills essential for learning.

Recreational – Crossing the midline of your body helps build pathways in the brain and is an important prerequisite skill required for the appropriate development of various motor and cognitive skills. Children who have difficultly crossing the body’s midline often have trouble with skills such as reading, writing, completing self care skills and participating in sports & physical activities. To help develop efficient crossing of the midline, build more pathways in the brain, improve coordination, and improve overall functional performance on a daily basis our campers participate in “brain teaser” exercises taught by an accredited physical education specialist who understands the importance of developing bilateral skills.

Social – Our offline training encourages students to interact through table top and software intervention games taught by our Cognitive Fitness Coaches and are further supported by a Brain Booster Learning Centre, where campers can utilize hands on tools to boost and support summer learning.

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