Summer Booster Camps 2017

Summer’s Here and the Summer Slide is Beginning!brain with weights-385

Fact: When Summer begins, learning stops for children who need it most!

Fact: Any gains made by struggling students during the school year are often lost during the summer months, putting them behind their peers when school resumes in the Fall!

Fact: Summer learning loss isn’t just bad for students; it also makes things more difficult for educators. Students spend on average 4-6 weeks relearning material they have forgotten over the summer.

We have a Brain Fitness Training Solution to the Summer Slide!

  • “Brain Booster Summer Camps” support Student increases in learning by providing the important inter-relationship between physical stimulation and cognitive learning!
  • Enthusiastic Testimonials from parents AND students highlight the success of these inclusive socially interactive Day Camps, lies in the one-on-one professional coaching techniques integrated with state of the art, award winning online brain training software!
  • Professional Educators and Cognitive Fitness Coaches have designed this unique affordable camp experience to engage learners with fun activities that stimulate and accelerate the brain’s capacity to learn, while assisting Parents manage the two month Summer Learning Gap
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