The Listening Program

September 5, 2017

brought to you by the Education Professionals and Staff at WCCL!

Effective September 2017, West Coast Centre for Learning has been accredited to offer the highly respected Listening Program (TLP), developed by ADVANCED BRAIN TECHNOLOGIES in conjunction with award-winning Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble.

THE LISTENING PROGRAM is a new evidence-based neurodevelopmental intervention program which incorporates music therapy to provide engaging brain stimulation and improve auditory processing in a wide range of clinical applications.

The program uses advanced neuroacoustic modifications in music to enhance listening skills and to “train” the brain to process sounds and tones in a more appropriate way. The therapeutic interventions have assisted clients affected by many types of auditory processing challenges, and has helped children and adults with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulties. In addition, The Listening Program targets areas such as Executive Function, Communication, Social & Emotional Function, Stress Response, Motor Coordination, Creativity & Sleep.

TLP has also been utilized to promote increased efficiencies in cognitive processing speed, thereby optimizing peak performance targets amongst competitive athletes and business professionals. We would welcome an opportunity to provide additional information on this exciting new program!

West Coast Centre for Learning is dedicated to bringing the best online neurodevelopmnetal education services into homes around the world, and is proud to be an active partner in the ever evolving health-ecosystem of Surrey’s HealthTech Innovation Hub.