TLP Veteran Reset

THE LISTENING PROGRAM VETERAN RESET (TLPVR) provides Canadian military veterans with a comprehensive protocol of music-based sensory treatment to help them to successfully reintegrate into civilian life following trauma.

TLPVR supports stress management, relaxation, mental acuity and general wellness through validated and structured protocols of specifically arranged, composed and produced music which is used daily for periods of 15 minutes or more, five days per week. It stimulates certain regions in the brain and autonomic nervous system to bring self-regulation processes back into balance, at the same time, production of stress hormones is reduced and the brain’s reward system is activated to achieve more optimal mental performance.

This personalized training is provided through the proprietary Waves multi-sensory headphone technology with simultaneous air and bone conduction stimulation. Sleep management is also supported by TLPVR with proprietary acoustic sleep technology which provides neuro-sensory algorithms and other auditory stimulus embedded within specialized acoustic music compositions to support sleep onset, maintenance and duration by training the brain’s global sleep network for improved sleep rhythms. The sleep protocol is followed nightly and heard through a sleep-safe headband with embedded speakers.

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